A Visit Back In Time

One of the most enjoyable adventures in any family vacation is the time spent visiting the many museums throughout the United States. Most people are familiar with some of the larger museums in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These larger museums are amazing and they are home to many interesting and educational exhibits. Parents on vacation with their families love to take their children to these famous museums so as to teach them interesting facts and points about the world that we live in.

When taking a family vacation however it should be noted that there are also many excellent museums in the smaller cities and towns throughout the United States. These smaller museums will provide each member of the family with exciting historical facts about whatever area they are visiting. It therefore is a good idea to not only visit the larger museums in the bigger cities but to also visit the smaller museums in assorted quaint cities and towns.

For example, there is an excellent Museum in Mason, Ohio. This museum is run by the Mason Historical Society and is located at 207 W. Church Street, Mason, Ohio. The museum has regular hours from 1 to 4 PM on Thursdays and Fridays and there will be in an open house on December 1st at 6 PM. The Mason Historical Society was established in January 1979. Its main goal was to share and preserve the humble beginnings of Mason, Ohio. It has grown tremendously since its beginning with only 26 members.

The treasure of the society is the Alverta Green Museum. This museum is housed in an old Victorian house that was built in 1890. The house was deeded to the Mason Historical Society by Alverta Green in 1987. Alverta was a local antique dealer and longtime Mason resident who died shortly after deeding the house to the Society. The museum takes visitors on a journey back in time through informative displays and various artifacts from the great history of Mason.

There are many volunteers and Society members who dedicate their time and money to preserve the exciting 200 year heritage and history of Mason. They are always coming up with exciting new ideas that will promote and create interest in Mason’s history and heritage. Therefore, when you take your next family vacation to visit some of the many museums in the United States make sure that you include a trip to some of the smaller towns such as Mason, Ohio.